Keep St Barth Green, Keep St Barth Essentiel

St Barth Essentiel

St Barth Essentiel

Parce que dans notre patrimoine se niche la mémoire, l'intelligence et le coeur des hommes


“In our heritage is hidden the memory, the courage, the intelligence, and the love. The Association of St Barth Essential is here to defend the diversity, the originality, the beauty, and the harmony of St-Barthelemy.”


ST BARTH ESSENTIEL is a non-profit association. It  has no philosophic, religious or political affiliation.


THE ASSOCIATION AIMS to protect historic, cultural, and environmental heritage of the island of Saint-Barthélemy and its living environment. To this end, the association offers :

  • To contribute to the discovery, the protection, the preservation and the enhancement of historical, cultural, architectural and natural heritage of the island of Saint-Barthélemy
  • To study, defend and protect the environment, the ecosystems, the natural habitats, animal and vegetal species, the biodiversity, the water, the air, the soils and landscapes.
  • To fight against pollution, nuisances, health and technological risks
  • To act for a harmonious and balanced development of the territory
  •  To carry out any action for the protection of nature, environment, compliance with laws and regulations and for their adjustment to the changing needs of Saint-Barthélemy



  • Salt ponds
  • Beaches
  • Natural areas
  • Native species of flora and fauna
  • Old stone walls
  • Traditional cottages
  • Neighborhood chapels
  • Historic monuments
  • Local traditions



Hélène BERNIER (President) – Michel Chevaly (Secertary) – Brigitte FEILLET (Vice-secretary) – Nathalie CHENOT (Treasurer) – Nancy MARTY (Vice-treasurer)


CONTACT : Association St Barth Essentiel,C/O Hélène BERNIER, Grand Cul-de-Sac, BP 1032, Saint-Barthélemy, 97012 cedex –